Monday, November 30, 2015

IC-7100 control head mount idea

I needed a temporary control head mount for my IC-7100 when using it in my work vehicle. I tried some of the usual cup-holder mounts with the flexible necks but they moved around too much. I wanted to be able to put my elbow on the center console armrest and my hand resting on the control head. While sitting in my favorite thinking spot (garage), I spotted a Harbor Freight welding rod holder. I wondered how it would fit in one of my cup-holders in my work Jeep. The fit was almost perfect but too tall. I shortened the rod holder with a saw until I got the right height.

Next I cut off a nub from the lid of the rod holder that is used to tie the lid to the other half of the rod holder. Now I had a flat spot to place the IC-7100 control head. I figured out where the 1/4" hole needed to be and drilled the hole. I used a large rubber flat washer between the head and the mount to keep the head from spinning.

Final touch was to paint it black to match the interior. Now I keep a spare welding rod holder around for other possible radio mounting emergencies.

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