Saturday, February 20, 2016

Second NPOTA activation of NS73

I returned to the Ulysses S Grant house today for my second activation. The setup was exactly the same as last time except I did not forget the tablet this time.

216 QSO's
3 hours of operating
44 states
2 Provinces

Had a problem that was probably RF getting into the tablets interface. I would see the mode change on the screen while transmitting. I will need to try adding some chokes the CIV lead and the power lead to the Piglet interface, The only difference this time is I used a shorter coax to the AH-4 tuner with a Balun Designs choke. Last time I used a ugly balun. Using the tablet worked well because I only needed to log the callsign and when I was done I just had to export the ADIF to an email. When I got home I imported it to N3FJP, fixed a few errors and uploaded to LOTW. Much better then last time transferring from paper to my log.

This time I had enough of a pile up and I was feeling the chasers frustration I switched to going by the numbers. First time I have ever had to do that but it worked well as I worked about 5 stations per number. By the time I made my second time through the numbers nobody was left! Either I worked them all or I ran everyone off.

One of the park rangers came out and took pictures of me and the truck setup. Not sure what they are going to do with them but they were smiling so I think I am ok!

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