Sunday, February 21, 2016

TR09 Lewis and Clark Historic Trail activation

Time for a quickie......activation!

After yesterday's NS73 activation I thought about an activation on Sunday on the Lewis & Clark Trail TR09. It was another pretty day and the truck was still setup so I headed out around 3PM to a location in West Alton MO that I had scoped out a couple of weeks ago. It turns out to be a fairly quiet RF spot for 40 meters. Since it was going to be a quick activation I decided to stay on 40 meters.

The activation lasted about 60 minutes with a total of 60 QSO's logged. 

Interesting comment I received about my transmission being "out of band". I was on 7.298 LSB and should be "in band" but I was about ready to pull the plug on the activation and no sense getting into an argument. I do know that I was in the AM portion of the band and I gladly offered to move. No harm done and it was another fun outing. 

One of the reasons I wanted to try some operating today was because I experienced some RF getting into my tablet/CIV connection. I switched back to my ugly balun, moved the Balun Designs choke to the back of the radio and added some ferrite's to the CIV and power leads. I only saw the tablet hiccup once today. Also the on board recording feature was working again on my IC-7100 radio. 

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