Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dang lightning!

I took today and the rest of the week off so I can hopefully get my grass cut before the weekend and to get my vehicle prepped for the Missouri QSO Party. I have the lawn mower ready and then the storms hit. Lightning hit the power line about a 1/2 mile away. Power went out right away but the whole house generator took over. I started checking the house and radios for any damage. 

One of my sons said something went pop in the kitchen. I determined that the cordless phone was now dead but the phone line is still good. 

I did a quick check on the radios in the shack and all was OK. 

Power was restored about an hour later and I was happy with the limited damage but I knew some more might be discovered later. 

After dinner I went to the shack to chase some NPOTA stations and noticed that it logged the wrong frequency. I noticed that I no longer had rig control. I determined that the serial port on the PC was bad so I switched ports but still no rig control. I tried a different radio and it didn't talk to the PC either. I use the ICOM level converter box so I took it apart and changed the driver chip and yes, I had a spare!. 

Rig control has been restored!

Shopping trip for tomorrow:

Cordless phone system
replacement driver chips
Replacement PCI serial port card

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