Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Missouri QSO Party as K0E

I participated in the MOQP as a rover station using the call sign of K0E. This was held on the April 2nd and 3rd weekend. The weather was nice and dry but a bit windy on Saturday afternoon.

Here is a picture of the K0E rover vehicle at the Madison County MO location. This is a 33ft mast being fed with an AH-4 tuner.

When mobile, I use the same tuner but use a 102" whip. So for antenna options I have the 102" whip, or for short term stationary operating I put a 16ft telescoping in place of the 102" whip. Then when sitting on a county line for a hour or more I setup the 33ft mast which of course works best. Saturday evening while at the Dunklin, Pemiscott and New Madrid county line intersection I saw this 33ft mast almost bent over 90 degrees due to the wind.

The antenna platform I use is very crude but it has served me well. I have the tools I need to change antennas all within easy reach. See next set of pictures.
Antenna plate is bonded in the corners and to the truck frame. AH-4 tuner is mounted underneath. PVC item is the trailer hitch mount for the 33ft mast. 33 ft mast(green) can be seen on the right. 16ft mast is inside the angled PVC tube on the right. 
 Pin for trailer hitch mount.
 Wrenches for 102" whip.
Magnetic tray holds antenna clip and spare hardware. 

The main enjoyment in this hobby for me is putting things together but operating is not one of my strengths. This year I made about 180 fewer contacts due to the change in the county line rule, some poor planning on my part including adding more counties to activate on Sunday and of course we have to blame band conditions! That is what we do, right?

I believe my final score will be around 18K for this year which is almost half from last year. Next year I may need a different strategy such as operate as a fixed portable station using my own call. K0E will need to be picked up by someone else in 2017 and hopefully it will allow more stations to gain the "E" letter for the ShowMe certificate and this will hopefully reduce the number of complaints stating that they could not find the "E" stations. 

Special thanks to the W0MA "BEARS" group from Boeing for hosting a wonderful QSO Party. 
Also thanks to the couple of fixed stations that stayed on 40 phone throughout the contest. This sure helped me find contacts as I passed through counties. 


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