Saturday, April 23, 2016

NM12 Activation at Gateway Arch

On 4/23/16 N0KTK and ND9E/0 activated the Gateway Arch NM12 for National Parks on the Air. This was a higher than normal activation for me as the park superintendent requested more than a short activation as it was National Parks Week. We operated for approximately 5.5 hours and had beautiful weather. However we had the same challenge as everyone else had today and that band conditions were not great. We mainly stuck to 40 meters and worked a lot of Ohio and Michigan stations. Another challenge was the foot traffic at the Arch! A running joke was that we gave out more directions on how to get to the Arch then we gave out QSO's!

The activation antenna was an inverted V on 40 meters. We used 2 sets of batteries along with 2 different solar panels. The plan was to hopefully run 2 stations but the foot traffic asking for directions was too great. We had to block off the area with cones and construction fencing for safety reasons. Picture below gives you an idea how it worked out.

 Here is the solar setup.  The black rectangle on the canopy is a 30w foldable panel made by AllPowers.

The panels are 50w each and will keep up with most any portable operation.

Here is a link to video produced by Kyle N0KTK.

A huge thanks to N0KTK Kyle for his help planning this event and helping to make this activation happen. Thanks Kyle!

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