Friday, April 22, 2016

Playing with some solar stuff

Finally got some time to play with a 30 watt foldable solar panel made by Allpower and a solar charge controller made by FlintHills Radio KI0BK. I used the charge controller during the Winter Field Day event with a 50w panel with great success. Below is the 30w Allpower panel.

I could not quite get the battery to fully charge with this setup and it turns out the solar panel output voltage is not high enough but after reading more about the panel it is designed to be put directly across a 12 volt battery or load without a controller. I will be trying that out very soon during a portable operation for NPOTA.

Below is a picture of the KI0BK controller. I will also say that they are great people to deal with.

FlintHills Radio link

There is a multi-turn potentiometer to adjust the float voltage. That is all you have to do. The LED will be red while charging and it will turn green when fully charged and floating.

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