Saturday, May 28, 2016

NPOTA NS55 contact


I had a few minutes to set up the IC-703 with a MFJ loop tuner in the driveway this afternoon. Made a contact with ND4Z who was operating from NS55. This park is the Ninety Six National Historic Site in South Carolina.

Radio power output was set to kill. Well 10 watts which is kill for that radio!

Loop antenna was peaked in on the ND4Z signal. What fun!!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dayton Hamvention weekend

I made hotel reservations back in May 2015 hoping that I would be able to attend Hamvention 2016. Things at home and at work seemed to be quiet so I attended the 2016 Hamvention along with my wife Andrea.

The trip to Dayton

We left home around noon on Thursday hoping to beat rush hour traffic in Indianapolis but some perceived road construction in Terre Haute delayed us by 30 minutes, When I mean perceived road construction, there was a nice warning sign telling folks they had 6 miles to merge into one lane. Seems that most people panicked and created this massive backup. We did not see any active construction or accident. Crazy. After that delay we ran into the Indy rush hour. They have this crazy interstate merge and split on the east side of town! The rest of the trip was uneventful. Our hotel reservations were at the Drury Inn and that place never disappoints.

Hamvention Parking

This is the second time we have parked around the corner from Hara at a church that runs a shuttle service. It works out great with parking at the church being $7 per day, We never had to wait on a shuttle and if you have a boat anchor purchase to deal with you can call them and they will come pick it up for you. See below for details. 


We arrived at Hara around 8:30AM and began walking the flea market area. I was not in the market for any used gear or parts so we wound up just strolling  the area with Andrea providing color commentary! It was very entertaining. We grabbed some lunch and while standing there eating we saw one of the man-pack guys walking through dragging a wire counterpoise. I made the comment that this was not the place for that foolishness when we heard a thud and moaning. A woman got her feet tangled in his cool counterpoise and she face-planted into the asphalt. This guy was more dangerous than 10 scooters!

After that eventful lunch we went inside where my wife setup for people watching from the arena stands while I went exploring the vendors. I purchased another MFJ 16 foot telescoping antenna so I can try to make a rotatable dipole.

On Saturday, we headed back to Hara so I could attend the NPOTA forum. It was more of a celebration of what NPOTA has become so far this year. NPOTA has become a great event! I purchased a DV Thumb from NW Digital for use on Fusion and DStar systems.

I enjoyed playing with the new IC-7300 SDR radio. It is a very cool entry level radio. There are many players now in the SDR sandbox. The new KX2 caused quite a buzz. It was Saturday before I could even get close to touching one. Sounds like many were sold during Hamvention.

Check out the redesigned cases from iPortable.

I loved how they handled this mobile antenna install. My wife is a little nervous now.

Best part of the trip was that my wife and best friend got to come along!(same person)