Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2 Meter Simplex Contest

This past weekend I participated in a 2 meter FM simplex contest here in the St. Louis metro area. This is a 3 hour contest that is based on working unique zip codes. Think of it like a state QSO party but rather than working counties you work zip codes. It is a great way for folks to get their feet wet in contesting and allows tech license holders to get on the air.

It has rules that count different power levels as multipliers and also it also allows mobiles to claim the zip codes they operated from as multipliers. This is something state QSO parties could implement to help encourage more mobile and rover operations.

I made 29 contacts which was not great but I still had fun.

Setup was a IC-7100 running 40 watts. I used a headset for mobile operation and let the radio record the freq, QSO audio and time stamp on the SD card. Very handy for contesting. Antenna was a 5/8 wave antenna on the the center of the roof.

Congratulations to the St. Louis & Suburban Radio Club for hosting this contest and I look forward to more of these.


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Tennessee QSO Party

I decided since it was a long weekend that I would participate in the TNQP this year. My original plan was to set up a 40 meter loop antenna in the yard. This turned out to be quite a challenge by myself. I had to fallback to putting up a 40 meter dipole. The apex was at 32 feet with the end sloping to the ground. Basically a high inverted V configuration.

Antenna worked well but now I wish I had put up the 80 meter dipole since everyone switched to 80 meters around 6PM.

It was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

I made 48 contacts for a score around 4200. Lots of CW action.

MaxGain fiberglass push up mast. 

I get to take it all down on Monday. 
OK, I guess it really is a doublet antenna!