Sunday, October 30, 2016

Favorite phone apps- Part 2 Google Maps

Google Maps is probably a favorite tool for a lot of people. I like to use it mostly for planning routes but I sometimes use it for navigation.

Recently for the 2 meter Simplex contest held by the SLSRC and the ILQP I used Google Earth to plot my operating locations by adding pin symbols and labels.

You save the KMZ file from Google Earth to your Google Drive and then follow these steps.

Open Google Maps

Select "menu"

Select "Your places"

Select "maps"

Select "Create Map" at bottom left

Import KMZ file from your Google Drive

Now you should have a map similar to this one.

Now during the contest, you can view this map on your phone or tablet and choose the navigation feature(blue arrow). You can tell it to navigation from your location to a spot on the map. Move the map around to the pin/label you want and select it. Now it will navigate to your next operating spot.

I also used this for the ILQP. This time I paired the phones bluetooth with my truck radio. Now I have turn by turn directions coming through the trucks sound system. It worked great!

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