Sunday, December 18, 2016

NPOTA, FM simplex contest, Tennessee QSO Party and 2017


Now that the weather has finally decided to turn towards winter I am slowing down on my NPOTA chasing with it mostly happening on weekends. I kept revising my chasing goal for NPOTA confirmations throughout the year. My first goal was 100 which was pretty easy to hit. Then I thought 200 parks would be realistic with my work schedule. As I passed 200 and the new parks to me were slowing down I said 250 would probably be my peak. My family has reminded me of each goal along the way with many eye rolls.. This weekend I hit 350 confirmed parks and I can safely say I will not be reaching 400!

This has been a great program and a lot of fun especially the activations. My final activation will be back at Grant House on New Years Eve. I started the year there so I might as well finish there! Many hams are wondering what will entertain us next year. I will feel a little lost after the first of the year rolls around like I did after the ARRL Centennial event was over but it is time for NPOTA to end. My plans for 2017 will shift to the WWFF program for the US. Most of the NPOTA locations are part of this plus many more state parks will be available.

Plans for 2017


Missouri QSO Party

Numerous hamfests!

Illinois QSO Party

2 meter FM Simplex contest

The Lewis and Clark Radio Club held its first 2 meter FM simplex contest on 12/17. This was patterned off of the St. Louis and Suburban Radio Clubs (SLSRC) series of successful 2 meter contests. I had plans to be mobile for this but had been watching the weather forecast all week and wouldn't you know it the weather folks got the forecast correct. Unfortunately we had a freezing rain event so I decided to operate from home instead. Small turn out for the contest but it was their first one so I expect more in the future. I ran 10 watts from the IC-706 to maximize the points for my 20 contacts. 

2016 Tennessee QSO Party

Not much to report here. It was my first time operating in this contest so I got a participation award. 


  1. Congrats on 350+ parks. Don't forget NAQSO SSB party in Jan and Aug. I always enjoy those contests. They are more forgiving than sweepstakes or CQWW.

  2. You are correct! NA QSO SSB and CW are good contests. January looks busy!