Monday, December 26, 2016

Parks on the Air - KFF-xxxx

World Wide Flora & Fauna

Now that the National Parks on the Air program is winding down (not a contest) it seems to me that the natural continuation would be to switch over to the KFF part of the WWFF program. WWFF has been around awhile but it was treated as an overseas program. The KFF program is the U.S. arm of WWFF and should excite the NPOTA folks who have honed their portable operations plus it greatly opens up the possibilities as many state parks are included. I have 6 or 7 parks I can activate now within an hour drive of St. Louis. 

Logging is only done by the activators and if you want a certificate as a chaser you only need to register on the WWFF webpage. Then watch your totals on Logsearch and when you reach one of the certificate thresholds you click that button and they will email you a high quality certificate in PDF format. As the NPOTA folks begin uploading their logs to WWFF there will be many chasers with awards waiting for them. There are also awards for activators!

Go to the KFF page and look at the large list of parks available and make your plans!

Here is the link to the WWFF main page.

Here is the link to the KFF US page. 

Sample certificates


  1. Did you submit your NPOTA contacts for the KFF gold certificate or something else?

    1. Only activators submit logs.. We do not have a QSO matching system like LOTW presently, but the LogSearch system for storing and tallying activators logs is working well, while tracking awards - 73 44 W3AAX

    2. And yes - any activation after Jan 1, 2016 can be used! Send me the log at