Monday, January 2, 2017

First day of POTA 2017

New Years Day activations

Horseshoe Lake State Recreation Area
Granite City IL

Plans were made to operate from Horseshoe Lake in New Years day since the truck was already set up from the final NPOTA activation. I live only about 15 minutes from this park and I have operated from it multiple times for US Islands and RaDAR. 

I got started around 10AM with my first contact being a park to park with AB4WL. Ken was a work horse for NPOTA and started early in the morning for WWFF. He was operating from KFF-1887. 

I had a good mix or 20 and 40 meter contacts. People must have been sleeping in that morning as it was pretty slow going til about noon (1800z). I worked exactly 40 stations including another park to park with W8MSC Mike at KFF-0346. Below is a picture of the truck and part of the lake. 

Jones Confluence Point
West Alton MO

I made to this location about 30 minutes behind schedule and began operation around 1930z. This location was new to me and is around 5 miles off the hard road. I scouted the area and decided on the least muddy parking area I could find. 

I had my 3rd park to park contact with KM6G Jan operating from KFF-1170. We had to work on the exchange as I was having trouble hearing her through the noise. 

59 contacts were made and I could have made more as 40 meters was getting better but I promised I would get some high up Christmas ornaments off the tree outside before it got dark. She puts up with a lot of ham stuff so I needed to get that task done. 

It was a great way to start off the new year!

Below are some pictures my son Simon took of the activation and the confluence of the mighty Mississippi and the big muddy Missouri Rivers.

The picture below is looking south with the Mississippi on the left and the Missouri on the right.
Hard to believe that during the historic flood of 1993 that the river crest was around 20 feet above this walkway. 

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