Monday, January 16, 2017

Painter pole adapters for antennas (with WFD update)

Painter Pole Adapters

for Antenna Projects

I wanted a way when deploying an inverted V dipole to get the ends of the dipole higher off the ground without taking a lot of space. I kicked around the idea of a support that the end of the dipole could tie to and then use a short set of guys. I have seen folks use painter poles for antenna projects so I requested a telescoping painter pole from Santa. The painter pole I have is from Home Depot and is 6 feet in length when collapsed and 12 feet extended. It also has stops about every foot between 6 to 12 feet. 

I purchased these painter pole adapters that are made for a camera mount so that would be a 1/4" x 20.
Amazon had them the cheapest.

Next I decided that I wanted 4 attachment points. 3 for guys and 1 for an end of a dipole. I could get by with 3 but you never know how these may get used. The hardware below was purchased to provide a bushing and attachment points. The bushing is so the bolt's threads don't get buggered up in case I need to remove or replace the bolt. 

I removed the bolt that came in the adapter as it was too short. I replaced it with a 1 1/4" stainless cap screw that has blue LockTite on it. The attachment hooks are heavy duty picture hangers that you can buy at Home Depot in a bulk pack. I drilled out one of the holes out to 3/8" so it would fit over the bushing.

Now it was time to stack the hangers alternating with 3/8" stainless washers. Then a 1/4" washer goes on top of the stack. I used a stainless 1/4" x 20 locking nut to finish it. The 1/4" nut and washer jam into the top of the bushing and still allows the hangers to freely swivel. 

I plan to test these out during Winter Field Day. 

Update from Winter Field Day

I tested these adapters during Winter Field Day using 2 painters poles with one on each end of a OCF dipole. I used all 4 rings since I was setting this up by myself. I laid out the dipole on the ground to know where the ends would land and added about 25 ft beyond the ends. I then set up the painter pole guyed at 3 points and used the 4th ring for the end of the antenna. This way if we decided to change the antenna the painters poles would stay in place as we lowered and raised the antenna. Yellow rope in the picture below is tied to the end of the antenna. There was a stake driven in the ground at the base of the painter pole to tie off the rope. 

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