Saturday, March 25, 2017

Countdown to Missouri QSO Party/ POTA/ RaDAR run - 6 Days out

Started today with the news that one of my wife's Aunts passed away. We are waiting to hear the final funeral arrangements. I got started in the garage by getting the mower deck out of storage and started to scrap out the bottom side.

I brought the IC-7100 radio up from the basement for preparation of the installation. I leave it mounted to that board so it doesn't get as hot sitting in the floorboard.  Next I removed the side panel of the center console on the truck which allows me access to a mounting bolt that I use with my drop in radio console (I don't know what to call it). The radio recessed in the truck console is a GE MVS remote head setup operating on 2 meters. The main radio is installed under the back seat.

This radio console was originally designed for my other truck but it was adapted for this 2015 Colorado. It drops into the dual cup holder and is supported by the diagonal brace you see in the picture below. What was I thinking when I eliminated both cup holders! You can also see the coiled up wiring that runs to the IC-7100 radio in the rear floorboard. There I pickup both HF and VHF PTT lines in the 13 pin ACC plug. I also get the discriminator audio the feeds a headset amplifier in that gray box. This is so I have separate volume controls for the headset and main speaker. Yes, I can and do run both a speaker and headset at the same time. 

Below you will see that I installed the IC-7100 control head on the console. The console also has an old Android phone that I use for running the HamClock app. There is also the gray box with the headset amplifier, volume control and a nice big red PTT button. With this setup I can use the PTT buttons on the headset, the one on the console and any external PTT switch. At the top of the console is the tablet mount that I use for mapping and spotting when stationary. I can put my right arm on the armrest of the center console and my hand lands at the control head and PTT switch. 

Tonight I was printing out my routes sheets and list of county codes. 

Tomorrows plan is to continue with the radio installation and antenna. 

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