Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Countdown to Missouri QSO Party/ POTA/ RaDAR run - 2 Days out

As luck would have it this was the nicest evening to work outside this week but things at work went a little long so I lost some daylight but managed to start on the antenna mount. The crude temporary mount has served me well on 2 trucks so far. It drops into the pockets built into the bed liner. I then use a couple of straps to help defy gravity in case of a large bump in the road or launching over a railroad track when I am not paying attention!

First picture shows the bottom side of the ball mount. Usually I would mount my AH-4 wire tuner next to the ball mount but this year I am going to try using the Hustler resonators.

(Told you it was crude)

Picture below shows the mount as it is first dropped into place. 

Next step is to connect the 2 side bonding straps and the strap that goes down to the frame. 1" stainless braid. Connection to the edge of the bed is all stainless hardware.

Then to put on the gravity defying straps. 

Last picture taken in the dark but you get the idea. It wins an ugly award. Let the antenna shammers bash away! 

I do hope to try a screwdriver antenna someday. I saw this setup at Dayton last year and would love to try it sometime.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain throughout the day. Hopefully I will get the antennas tuned!

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  1. I am impressed! I built a VHF antenna framework out of PVC and attached it to the top of my Tahoe to give me plenty of rack space for up to 6 boom antennas. It had similar straps, but because it was way up in the wind, I had to GUY THE STRAPS so they wouldn't vibrate! :) 1200 miles and not ONE problem with the setup. So I appreciate your design, it is really quite clean. BTW, I used painted (same as the Tahoe) wood as the framework on my luggage rack - there was four convenient hole mounts on the luggage rack.