Friday, February 9, 2018

Kickapoo State Recreation Area- KFF-4097 activation

On February 3rd I was in the area of Danville IL with a couple of hours on my hands so I made the short drive west to the Kickapoo State Recreation Area. The park was pretty quiet with it being winter but the area has a lot to offer folks in the warmer weather. Today it served this ham radio portable operator! I set up in the truck again and used my Wolf River coil with about a 10ft rod along with 3 ground radials. Since the coil was still tuned for 20 meters from my last activation I decided to start there.

20 meters

20 meters was a battle from the start and I only made 5 contacts as that band was up and down. It reminded me of 6 meter openings where you better make the contact quick.  Folks in the WWFF Facebook group were waiting for me to go to 40 meters so I gave up on 20 meters.

40 meters

I found a spot on 40 meters, started calling CQ plus spotted myself on the Facebook group. 40 was much better but it was also up and down somewhat. I made 45 contacts and then my wife texted me that I could pick her up anytime. I had planned to operate at least 2 hours but since I also once again picked a frequency that the foreign broadcasts use and I was slowly starting to have trouble making contacts. My 50 contacts satisfied my ham radio itch for the day so I packed up to retrieve my wife and go to dinner. 

I doubt I am ever back to activate the park again but is was a good place to operate from and easy to get to. 

Operating spot is the blue circle.

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