Saturday, April 14, 2018

ND9E upgrades for portable/mobile operation Part 1

Most of my portable operations are from my truck so maybe some of these are mobile upgrades but you get the idea.

Ground Ring for radials

My old set up was to gather up all the ends of the tape measures and clamp them together but sometimes it became like trying to dress a one year old child. Here is a picture of the old way. Note the blue handled spring clamp below the bumper. 

The new way

This is not an original idea as I saw this somewhere on the WWW so I am not claiming this as my idea. I used a stainless steel toilet flange and added stainless steel braided pigtails to it. The pigtails connect to my tape measure radials, the ground side of the tuner and the connection to the truck frame. I also have been wounded many times by stabbing myself with the ends of the stainless braid so I dipped each exposed end in a plastic/rubber dip solution. Popular names of this stuff is Plasti-dip or Liquid Tape. So far it also has helped from fraying of the ends and no wounds! I am using binder clips to hold the tape measures which works well enough that I can clip the tape measures to the stainless braid and walk the tape measure out. Here are some pictures from this past weekend during the Missouri QSO Party. 

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