Monday, May 28, 2018

Peabody River King State Fish Wildlife Area KFF- 4148

After a poor outing yesterday I decided to try my luck again this morning since the truck was still loaded. I headed out to the Peabody River King State Fish & Wildlife Area located about 50 minutes south of home in a town called New Athens IL. This area of southern IL saw a lot of strip mining and this park was created from reclaimed coal mining operations. Looks like a great area for bird watching and fishing. Plenty of folks were fishing today. 

I setup on the end of a road to stay away from folks trying to park their boat trailers. Had a few curious folks but once I put up the amateur radio sign in the window they steered clear of me. I started at 15:20 UTC by working W8MSC at KFF-3322 and then worked the dynamic duo of K8VOX/W8TAM at KFF-1491. Then I found a spot on 40 meters, put out one spot on Facebook and then it was self feeding from there! I had a good run with 63 contacts on 40 meters and then I moved to 20 meters. There on 20 meters I had another good run making 73 contacts with an ending time of 17:16 UTC.

So today's activation was as good as yesterday's was bad. Just play the hand you are dealt. Luckily I had put a first aid kit in the truck about a month ago. As I was deploying my tape measure radials somehow I was running the tape across one of my knuckles and received a cut that made me look like I was bleeding out. I had blood everywhere on my arm and both hands. I was able to clean it up and put a bandage on it. Stuff happens!

136 contacts
116 minutes operating time
3 Park to Park contacts
2 DX contacts
1 wound


  1. Glad you didn't bleed out doing ham radio. Might of made Ham Hijinks with that one.