Sunday, September 1, 2019

US Islands QSO Party, WWFF and POTA weekend

On Saturday August 24th, the annual US Islands QSO Party was scheduled and I combined two of the islands with WWFF and POTA parks to help drive up contact points for the USI QSO Party. My original plan was to hit 4 islands along the Mississippi River near Alton IL but things changed along the way. 

Original plan: 
Cora Island MO006R
Ellis Island MO003R
Chouteau Island IL003R
Walker Island IL019L

I started at Cora Island MO006R which is also part of the POTA program as K-0374. 40 meters was very kind to me so I stuck with it for most of this location. Advertising the POTA program on the DX cluster is what boosted the QSO count. 68 contacts were made with 5 of them being islands. Logging this year for the USI QSO Party was done on N1MM+ which worked well on my small Winbook PC. Below is a picture of my standard portable setup. 31 ft mast with an AH-4 tuner using tape measure radials.

My stay at Cora Island went long so I decided to skip Ellis Island since it was not part of WWFF or POTA and therefore it would be hard to get many contacts there so I went onto Chouteau Island in Illinois. 

Chouteau Island IL003R is also a park in the WWFF and POTA programs. KFF-4116 for WWFF and K-4116 for POTA. I primarily worked this location as a park but used the USI Facebook group to let the island chasers know where to find me. 80 contacts were made here with all but one on 40 meters. 
Contact was made with 4 islands from this spot.

It was decided to skip Walker Island and get home to mow the grass as the weather forecast did not look good for the next two days. Turns out this was a good call as we received multiple inches of rain on Sunday and Monday.


For only operating from two locations this needed to generate 5 different logs not counting LOTW. 

Cora Island- USI rover log for MO006R, POTA log for K-0374 (Big Muddy)

Chouteau Island- USI rover log for IL003R, WWFF log for KFF-4116 and POTA log for K-4116

Cabrillo logs went to USI and ADIF logs went to POTA and WWFF. Then the Cora Island log had to be uploaded to LOTW as a different location since it was in Missouri and under a different county. 


It was a good outing even if it didn't go as planned. There wasn't any radio or antenna issues. I got the usual stares at the big antenna attached to the truck but ever since I started putting signs in the window saying "amateur radio" people have pretty much left me alone. See the links below to these fine organizations. 

US Islands program US

World Wide Flora and Fauna (USA) WWFF-KFF

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