Wednesday, August 26, 2020

POTA activation of K-7368 Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site-ND9E


K-7368 Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

Recently I was looking at the POTA map for Illinois and noticed some new dots on the map and one of them was only 10 minutes from my house! I have been wondering when Cahokia Mounds might make it on the POTA list. Local officials have been trying to get this location under the National Park System for years and it sounds like they are getting closer. This site has been a grade school field trip destination for decades. There is some pretty cool history to this place.

I have not done a park activation in almost 10 months so I set up everything in the driveway the day before and all went well so I was clear to activate the next day. My operating position was my truck as usual using an S-9 vertical with my AH-4 wire tuner. 3 radials at 31 ft long. Radio was an IC-7100 running through a PowerGate with a 35aH battery that fed a DC booster. 

I opened on 20 meters at 1913z but only could drum up 14 contacts with 3 park to parks.

Switched to 40 meters and ran 103 contacts with 3 more park to park contacts. 40 started off slow but really picked up towards to end. Maybe next time I can attempt a late shift activation. 

Noise levels here were about a S3 on 40 meters so that was a pleasant surprise. I did not get any west coast stations which is normal but what was not normal was I did not have any Texas contacts. I guess everyone was getting prepared for the hurricane. 

73 Scott

Monks Mound

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