Saturday, November 14, 2020

KFF-4105 Washington County State Recreation Area- ND9E


ND9E activation of KFF-4105

It was time to do another park activation and clear the cobwebs from the equipment. It was also time to take a break from projects at home so this location was chosen because it was the closest to my house and it had not been activated for WWFF. The drive was just over an hour and then a 20 minute setup put me right about noon time. I checked out the bands and looked for park to park contacts while I ate lunch. I started calling CQ on 40 phone around 1815z and 40 meters did not disappoint. 55 contacts were logged on 40 meters and then I went to 20 phone. I never seem to get a good run going on 20 but wound up with 72 contacts total for the day with a total on the air time of 75 minutes. 

I ran into a strange noise on the 40 meter band that I first thought that it was someone messing with me but it turned out to be around 15Khz wide so I think it was something local like a pump or motor. It lasted just long enough that I gave up on my 40 meter run. I ran into the same noise on 20 meters but not as strong. 

72 contacts, 75 minutes air time, 2 park to park contacts. 

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