Sunday, August 8, 2021

2021 MOQP

 This will be a summary of my rover activities during the Missouri QSO Party. 

ND9E was the call used.

211 contacts

54 multipliers(28 states, 21 MO counties, 4 provinces, 1 DX)

11394 claimed points

515 miles driven

Start of contest Saturday.

Lincoln County- Set up a inside Cuivre River State Park. I was parked rest to a small creek and had a bunch of people swam in all at the same time. Everyone was standing on the edge of the creek and not really moving around much. I then realized that it was a local church holding a baptism. 3 contacts made.

Pike County- Operated from a state conservation area. Lots of bugs! 32 contacts

Ralls County- Set up in a church parking lot. There was a lot of RF noise coming from the trucks on the highway and the power lines. 15 contacts

Marion County- Found a road side park to operate from with a couple of local folks stopping by to see what I was up to. 24 contacts

Lewis County- Wakonda State Park- Great location to operate from! 14 contacts

Clark County-I set up again in a state conservation area. Had 2 visitors checking on me. 15 contacts

Scotland County- My original location didn't work out by I did find an empty parking lot at an USDA office. More locals checking me out. 18 contacts

Schuyler County- I set up in a parking area of a public river access ramp. This location was planned for just a 2 meter contact with W0W superstation operating at the Union Ridge Conservation area. 3 contacts

Putnam County- Another 2 meter contact with W0W. 3 contacts

It was starting to get dark and my night vision was giving me some troubles so I headed to Kirksville to the motel for the night. 

Start of contest Sunday.

Left the hotel and got breakfast as I headed towards Sullivan County.

Sullivan County- Made a 2 meter contact with W0W and 1 HF contact. 4 contacts

Adair County- Only made 2 meter contacts while I drove. Only 2 contacts

Macon County- Another state conservation area that I thought would work out but it was very noisy RF wise and horse flies the size of a Cessna. 24 contacts

Randolph County- Set up in a parking lot of a movie theater. The theater was closed when I started but while I was operating the workers opened up the joint and something they turned on made it hard to operated due to high noise levels. 16 contacts

At this point I was supposed to go to Boone and Callaway Counties but in talking with W0W and W0S they both needed Audrain County. I had just enough time to get there and operate before the contest ended. 

Audrain/Montgomery Counties- I had about 30 minutes to operate here and made 16 contacts to close out the contest. 

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